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Author Topic: Would like some quick and direct answers on H Series Shutter Speed, etc  (Read 2370 times)
Chris Raymond
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of course you are correct about using a polariser in bright conditions when there are reflections and glare. Cool

For those that are interested I did do a test with my D7000 and Nikon 35mm f1.8G at ISO 100 and f4 and 1/800 (to simulate a H Series, HC lens at f2.8 and a MFDB at ISO 50).

After finding at what apertures the lens recorded accurate exposure (it was more than 1/3 stop bright at f2 and 1/3 stop dark above f11).

  • White cars in bright afternoon sun were clearly within the DR of the camera, only the points where the glare of the sun was reflected off the paint work were lost.
    Fluffy clouds at right angles to the sun were fully recorded, including the bright highlight edges.

So my conclusion is that you could shoot an MFDB with ISO 50 at f2.8 in bright conditions at 1/800 with only glare points, and white cloud highlights towards the sun being lost.
White clothing/cars, skin tones, concrete, clouds, etc would all be OK...

I guess that Hasselblad would not design a camera without considering all reasonable uses and brightness conditions. Wink
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