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Author Topic: FS: Clean, sharp Mamiya 645 500/f5.6  (Read 598 times)


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FS: Clean, sharp Mamiya 645 500/f5.6
« on: February 18, 2014, 07:25:58 AM »

This lens was purchased out of Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada and is in very good condition. I can post images if there is interest. 

When I bought it about three months ago, I thought the focusing was a tad stiff and so sent it off to Mamiya in White Plains, New York for a CLA. My thinking was that the lubrication was old and it needed the loving care of a Mamiya tech.  Once it came back I found that the stiffness was marginally better and so contacted them about this.  I was told that because the lens is a "beast" and quite heavy, the focusing mechanism needed to be stiffer than normal smaller lenses so as to avoid any focus creep.
Aside for the focusing stiffness, the lens performs flawlessly.  It comes with the original box and leatherette case, both end caps and a spare front lens cap. It produces nicely sharp images and I have been using it with a P1 P40+ back on a Mamiya 645 AFDII body and have been quite satisfied with the IQ.  It does suffer from some CA but that is easily handled in post using either Lightroom or C1P7. 

But for my uses I need a lighter touch on the focusing.  Laugh if you must, but I would like to shoot surfing using this setup and so I'm moving over to either the 300/2.8 APO or eventually a 500/4.5 apo.  I have also used the lens with the old Mamiya 2x n TC and even at f11 wide open the images were acceptable.

My investment so far is $750.00 and I know that I won't get close to that so my loss is your gain.  I'm prepared to "eat" most the cost of the CLA and the last Baysale was $479 plus shipping, so if there's an offer in that region I'll eat the difference and you'll get a recently overhauled and cleaned lens for your money.  And if no one has any interest here, I'll try at the bay and take my chances.

Thanks for reading.



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