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Author Topic: Photographing large format book that cannot be un-bound. Flattening pages...?  (Read 2402 times)


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I may have to copy the pages of a large format (approximately A1) book.

The book cannot be un-bound, so the pages will have to be shot as is.

Some may bend slightly and will not be flat-on to camera.

Also, some of the shots will be double page spreads (with the gutter in the middle, obviously) across which is a drawing or painting, not text.

Is there any way of correcting the inevitable distortions?

Many thanks.



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A DIY setup such as this may help.  Light one half and shoot the odd pages first then rotate and shoot the even pages.

If you do get page curl then consider a method of holding the page flat either a narrow plastic strip top and bottom and clone during processing, or use the warp and transform tools in PS

Images spanning two page will require shooting as above then stitching together.

Hope this of some help
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