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Author Topic: Photoshop - paint bucket ends up filling different color - why?  (Read 849 times)
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« on: February 03, 2014, 12:25:49 PM »

I have a bounded solid color in a 16 bit prophotoRGB image in photoshop.  I select the color using the select by color range.  I open the color picker by clicking on the foreground color box, and type in the RGB values for the color I want to replace the select.   Then I use the paint bucket tool to fill the area (or I may use the edit fill menu function).  However, if I then check the filled area, sometimes the color values are different from the color I filled it with.  Can anyone explain?

Possible things that could be affecting it:  The file has a brightness adjustment layer; some of the fill colors this happened with were out of gamut (out of gamut warning showed in color picker). 


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