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Author Topic: Hasselblad H5D-60 review  (Read 7906 times)


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Re: Hasselblad H5D-60 review
« Reply #20 on: January 25, 2014, 08:51:30 AM »

Real men and real women drive real cars…

Why settle for less when you can settle on more? There is even a road kit!

Best regards

There are quite a few cars like this being driven around central London where the average traffic speed is perhaps 10mph.  Sensible? - no.  In fact nothing about cars like this is sensible other than the fact that they are expensive and enable people with much more money than they need to demonstrate that fact.

I remember, in a moment of near insanity, considering buying a Ferrari and borrowed one from our local dealer for the day (many years ago when prices were still relatively sensible).  I took it back mid-afternoon in a very disappointed frame of mind.  It wasn't faster than other cars I had driven and owned, it wasn't more comfortable, and it had a flimsy feel.  I mentioned this to the salesman who smiled and said people don't buy these cars as a mode of transport or for driving thrills but as sensuous cult objects to show off with.  By and large they sit quietly in garages whilst their owners drive something sensible on a daily basis.  They drive them to show off at weddings, family events and so on but only if it is sunny and not too far.  When they trade them in they generally have only a few thousand miles on them.

Turning to Hasselblad we have this weird split personality thing going on.  We have a work horse well designed and made professional MFD system and on the other a Lambo/Ferrari bit of bling.  Perhaps the bling will finance the good bits - who knows - but then who really knows, despite my comments above, why someone would waste $300,000 on a Lamborghini.

Just so you know that I am not an anti-car nut one of my cars is a nice 12 year old Porsche bought cheaply as a second hand car because it is really nice to drive.
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