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Author Topic: RX100M2 Color Fringing  (Read 2204 times)
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« on: December 30, 2013, 06:57:37 AM »

Maybe it is just to express my frustration with the Sony RX100M2:

I think I did not have any camera / lenses before where Color Fringing is so prominent
(see example below), often enough clearly obvious from a small preview in Bridge.

With ACR Lens Corrections, the "Remove (lateral) Chromatic Aberration" checkbox does not defeat this effect.
It requires manual correction with the Defringe sliders. Works well but it is time consuming per image.

Is manual correction / defringe the only option ?
Any similar experiences ?



(1) Overall image, screenshot from the RAW file in ACR 8.3
(2) close-up showing Cyan Fringing
(3) close-up showing Purple Fringing
(4) Another close-up showing Purple Fringing
(5) same as # 4 but from in-camera JPEG.

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