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Author Topic: Leica Buys Sinar  (Read 11574 times)


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Re: Leica Buys Sinar
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The reason I choose the Hasselblad V for my P45+ were the Zeiss lenses. Not because they are good but because they are affordable and pretty good. I started with a Sonnar 150/4, which was a very good lens. It cost me something like 400$, one fifth of the zooms I use on my Sony's but it matches the Sony zooms in performance, on a DSLR. I felt that if could fit an MF equipment inside a budget of 100kSEK (about 150 k$USD) it would be OK, so the low price of used Zeiss lenses was a major attraction.

My experience of the Zeiss lenses is mixed. Knowing them takes some testing and also learning from mistakes.

I like shooting with the stuff, it's not fast but a nice experience.

Rationally, I feel the Sony is the better equipment. There is one area where Hasselblad/Zeiss/P45+ wins at that is resolution.

DR? Sony wins!
Bokeh? Sony wins!
Sharpness? P45+ wins!
Color? Don't know1 If you like yellowish greens P45+ wins, if you like subtle colours Sony wins.

Why I like to work with the 555 ELD/P45+? I don't know! Perhaps it is because it is well made without being perfect.

I normally walk with the Hasselblad 555ELD and five lenses plus a Sony Alpha 99 and two big zooms. Add to that an RRS Versa 3 tripod and an Arca Swiss 4D head. If I need to cut wave, there is no discussion the Sony comes with me and that is the Hassy that stays home! Why? Because the Sony can handle everything!

Best regards

I agree that everyone not only has different expectations and sees different things.

The only point I was trying to make is compared to the contax zeiss the phase (non leaf shutter lenses) are 4 times the price and I'd love to see even equal the performance.

The Phase 80mm is a 2.8 the Contax Zeiss f2.0, which makes a big difference.

The Phase 150 is $3,490 the Contax under a thousand.

Then there is the ergonomics.  It takes any photographer about 10 seconds to get use to a Contax with f stops on the lens and a shutter dial. You can swap finders from prism to waist level  and the contax is smooth and substantial.

After 15 years you expect a leap forward and it's not just the Phase mamiya, dslrs have gone the same route of dials and menus to replace analog functions.

Shoot a contax 80mm close up hand held at 1.30th of a second and you'll know what I mean.

It's the same thing with those little m43 cameras I use for video and stills.   Take the olympus em-5 and use an olympus lens.  It's sharp (over sharp for me) medium fast though not crazy fast though autofocuses immediatley and is easy to use.

Though put a lecia or Voigt manual lens on it with a f stop ring and the camera transforms into analog, shoots like analog, looks like film.  Sometimes I think we're answering questions that nobody is asking.


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