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Author Topic: Best practice? refrigerate non-oem dye refill ink so it lasts longer? Or not?  (Read 1762 times)


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I'm not a chemist, so I thought I'd check if an assumption of mine is flawed or not:
Will refrigeration of non-oem dye ink extend it's useful life significantly?

Some more info about my specific situation (otherwise the valid reply may be "it depends")
  • Use Canon dye printers from CLI-8 and CLI-221 generations
  • refill oem cartridges with OCP ink
  • generally buy 16 oz at a time (pint / ~500 ml) ... about 40-50 CLI-8 cartridges
  • some ink colors get used up relatively soon ... 3 to 4 months or so
  • some colors (esp red and green for my Pro 9000-2's) take years to use up
  • use much more CLI-8 ink than CLI-221 ink
  • also use 4 oz bottles to refill from to reduce number of times 16 oz bottles are opened and warmed up
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Christoph C. Feldhaim

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I'd check out for specifications of the product you want to cool down published/given by the manufacturer.
Lowering temperature might lead to configuration changes in the solutions that ~might destroy your ink, lead to clogging and stuff.
But it could be a good idea - it all depends on the formula - just give the manufacturer a friendly call and you should be good.



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^What he said. Some products are destroyed by keeping them too cool or too warm. Always defer to the manufacturer’s statements.

John Nollendorfs

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Why would you want to refrigerate the dye inks? These are not photo chemicals. Dye inks will last much longer than pigmented inks, and have much lower chance of dye particles coalescing and settling like pigmented inks. Before using, I would agitate the dye inks, in case there has been any settling, but again, that should be minimal.
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