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Author Topic: Colorport or should be called ColorEND (importing / exporting questions)  (Read 473 times)
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« on: September 29, 2013, 05:34:35 PM »

Hello, you have no doubt heard about ColorPort the free chart reading replacement X-rite made some time ago to IMO make us drop Measuretool.

But if Colorport was designed to have a way to make measurements and use them why I'm unable to import my old targets?
For example I have many CGATS txt format targets made with various packages, all I can do is import patches, hello I want to keep the layout too, and there is no way to specify rows columns, orientation etc.

Exporting is another very strangely built option where you can export only xml that colorport can import. However if you measure chart then you can save CSV, CGATS, XML, Profilemaker5 etc. Why not give that option in the first place. Perhaps I need to generate a target from reference and export it without measuring as txt or save as TIFF and i1Profiler reference.

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