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Author Topic: Private metadata in re-imported images  (Read 739 times)


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Private metadata in re-imported images
« on: September 28, 2013, 12:24:54 PM »


I use a hierarchical keyword list and I have set the "chapters" of the hierarchy (like Persons, Animals, Flowers, etc.) as private keywords (all Keyword Tag Options unchecked).
Works fine so far, when I export a image as a Jpeg, it only contains the keywords it should.
The image should contain all metadata but the private ones, so the Include option to "All Metadata"
The exported image is imported automatically in the catalog which is what I want, normally, but now comes the big BUT ...
All the hidden keywords are re-applied to that Jpeg in the database, it shows the marker that the metadata needs to be saved to the file.
Ok one may say I don't have to do that, but a Ctrl-A + Ctrl-S is done quickly to update all metedata, and the exported image has the unwanted keywords.
I want my exported Images back in the catalog because I have collections of the images I have sent per mail so I can easily keep track of who has gotten which image.  

Is this intended behaviour?
Am I doing somethimg wrong?
Or is it a bug at the end?
Is there a way to kind of protect the keywords of a image (other then not re-import in the catalog) ?

Kind regards


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