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Author Topic: Topaz-Graphic Stock Offer  (Read 934 times)


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Topaz-Graphic Stock Offer
« on: September 24, 2013, 10:21:18 AM »

Hello all,

I'm trying to confirm the validity of an offer supposedly put forward by Topaz Labs in a recent email.  This is an offer from a website called GraphicStock which includes a free 7 day download of images, textures etc for anyone using Topaz plugins.  One would be allowed to download a maximum of 20 files per day, a total of 140 files in the 7 day period.  I was very interested in this offer and pursued it on the GraphicStock site.  Supposedly it was just a matter of creating an account with user name and password and then start the downloads.  However, part of the account information required was a valid credit card number.  If the subscriber keeps the account open for more that 7 days any further downloads would be charged to the card, which I certainly understand.  However, I do not consider this to be a FREE offer.  Although it's stated emphatically that none of the "free" downloads will be billed to my card, I'm extremely leery of leaving my credit card info and hoping it will deleted from their database once I have finished my 140 downloads.  I have emailed both Topaz and GraphicStock with this same inquiry and have not yet received any replies.  If any of you have taken advantage of this offer without any obvious problems, please respond and let me know.

Thank you All,
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