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Author Topic: argyll & i1Photo Pro 2. dual scan mode, m0, m1, and m2  (Read 1394 times)
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« on: September 21, 2013, 03:27:07 PM »

I am confused.  I have an i1Photo Pro 2.  In X-Rite i1 Profiler, it read each row twice, so M0, M1, and M2 readings are created.  i1 Profiler says with single pass readings, only M0 readings can be created.

Argyll chartread is only reading each row once.

Argyll's Fluorescent Whitener Additive Compensation page says you have to "see" the FWA in action by scanning once with UV and once without.  It also says not all instruments can do this, so Argyll uses a heuristic to estimate the FWA effect.

Does argyll have a way to work with the i1Photo Pro 2 using dual pass readings?  Or, is it stuck with only using the heuristic when that's not always going to be accurate?
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