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Author Topic: MF system selection - advise needed  (Read 6451 times)


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Re: MF system selection - advise needed
« Reply #40 on: November 15, 2013, 04:40:35 PM »

I would add that the RZ mirror is very well damped as compared to almost every other MF reflex camera.

It sounds like you are either looking for some portability, but for price leaning for the Hass.
If going for the Hass, consider the RZ, as I like both very much, for versatility and price purposes, I can only see the RZ Pro2 meet this. The lens setup for DB's are still top notch at bargain prices below $500. The body is solid and service is available. You have a bllows option a tilt shift option, a macro, viewing glass options(first thing I did and amazing brightness). You have direct(ProIID) or indirect(adapter plate) option (about $400-600 for plate) MF Db options, you have grips 35mm Fisheye lens, telephoto lenses.......All these are very reasonable prices. Mirror is as clunky as a draw bridge, and the weight will never be like the Leica, But, it is one super setup.
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