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Author Topic: My made ICC Paper Profiles have less gamut volume than the Paper company's  (Read 517 times)


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Hello all, I have been making my own paper profiles with x-rite i1 profiler v1.5 on Win 7 for a few months on a Canon IPF6300 12 color with Canon's ink and have purchased papers from Red River and downloaded there profiles for that same papers for the same Canon printer and on glossy and luster and matte papers, I am about 50,000 to 200,000 smaller gamut volume on many of the Red Rivers papers, I use Chromix Color Think Pro 3.03 on Windows and see that my made profiles are smaller and also noticed most of there's are done on a MAC OS.

I am printing 1728 patches scrambled (I was told you get better profile with the scrambled on) waiting 2-4 days for them to dry fully. Using a X-rite i1 spectro (maybe some of the much more costly Spectro make a better profile or larger gamut?)

I am doing research on the web and I just started reading Andrew Rodney book and Andrew knows allot and hope he will comment in please? I understand at 1728 patches that by printing more patches 2000 to 4096 patches you may not make a larger gamut volume and sometimes less.

I guess I am looking for some ideas with i1 Profiler or some other software for Windows. I understand that it's not always about the numbers like gamut volume, what counts is what the final image on paper looks like but I want to learn what I am doing wrong or right or what I can do to get better gamut volume on my papers.

Thank you for any help.

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