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Author Topic: Manual Apperture for Rollei Schneider PQS HFT Lenses ?  (Read 5839 times)


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Manual Apperture for Rollei Schneider PQS HFT Lenses ?
« on: August 25, 2013, 05:04:44 PM »

I am working on a project for which I'd like to use some of the Rollei Schneider PQS HFT lenses. Does anyone know if I'd be able to apply manual aperture settings on those lenses without them being on a Rollei body - in other words, can the lenses be used i.e. with and adapter on say a DSLR including stopping down the lens manually or is this possible to do via Rollei electronic control only (i.e. is there a depth of field preview function on the lens etc.?)

Also, when goggleing lenses like the 40mm super angulon, I can't find any reviews that gives any hints on how they do on modern digital sensors in terms of resolving power, CA etc. Does anyone have experience with such a combo in the real world and / or do you know of any tests / comparisons?

Thanks in advance!

Peter Urban
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Re: Manual Apperture for Rollei Schneider PQS HFT Lenses ?
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2013, 11:49:30 PM »

You can put them in one of the Rollei cameras and remove the lens while it is stopped down to the aperture you wish and it will stay set at that aperture.  Likewise this same method can be employed with the lens control S and rollei lens adapter.   But probably this isn't exactly what you had in mind?   There are quite a number of the Rollei 6000 series lenses converted to Pentax 645 mount showing up on ebay, and the people doing the conversions are mechanically fixing the aperture ring to the aperture adjust. I don't know how they do this, only that it's not reversible.   I've thought and probably many others have too, how great it would be to have an adapter that could electronically control the apertures.  I've even heard of people gutting 6008 bodies for the controllers to do this.

The 2nd question you posed - are the lenses up to high resolution backs? Certainly they are.  Many of us shoot with the AFi-ii 12 which is 80mp.  I also have tested most of my rollei lenses with the AFi-ii 12 and Imatest.  These lenses hit close to the theoretical limits on the tests. Quite impressive indeed!
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Re: Manual Apperture for Rollei Schneider PQS HFT Lenses ?
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2013, 07:41:13 AM »

It is possible to mount the Rollie lens to a shutter board, run by a Rollei lens controller. For a while, Linhof and Alpa made this part for their cameras - it was not a huge seller (!) and  not sure if it is still available.

Other than hacking, I don't know of any other way to use these lenses on other bodies. As to quality - when compared against current view camera lenses from Rodenstock and Schneider, they hold do very well.
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