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Author Topic: Color cast and pixel pitch?  (Read 481 times)


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Color cast and pixel pitch?
« on: August 16, 2013, 04:20:39 AM »

Is it true that with smaller pixel pitch the light must fall in closer to perpendicular in order to reach "the bottom" of the pixel and get properly registered? Ie that the smaller the pixel the larger the color cast, and therefore tech camera lens designs (symmetrical or weak retro-focus wides) are only possible with quite large pixel pitch?

If this is true it seems to me that in order to have tech camera lens designs you need to have a larger sensor in order fit both high resolution and low color cast, something smaller formats cannot provide. If so this is a "hidden" advantage of medium format, as symmetrical and weak retrofocus designs seems to allow for higher lens performance.

However, resolutions get higher, and I wonder if the strive for ever-higher resolution (ie smaller pixel pitch) will eventually kill tech camera lens design? Ie the future wide angles will all be strong retrofocus as we see on the mirrorbox cameras (both 135 and MFD) to be compatible with future sensors.
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