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Author Topic: The Hard Sell  (Read 7833 times)


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Re: The Hard Sell
« Reply #40 on: August 06, 2013, 12:23:30 PM »

Was also under the _impression_ of a bit of excessive advertising and double checked the past history: basically it was the same.

But it didn't feel the same.

I guess the reason was that the industry was moving so fast a few years ago. We had lots of genuinely interesting new products and techniques and Michael was always an authoritative, balanced and agreable to read source. We didn't notice the ads that much (at least I didn't) because there was so much new info to digest. As Michael noted in his comments about the state of the current photography market, manufacturers don't innovate that much anymore and that automatically means less material for content...

Also, eventhough I have purchased stuff from this site in the past, I have never ever been spammed. There aren't many sites as well behaved as Luminous Landscape in that respect. Amazon kept spamming me about vacuum cleaning robots for a year, and this _after I had purchased_ a couple of robots from them.


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Re: The Hard Sell
« Reply #41 on: September 02, 2013, 01:45:16 AM »


This is a very well rounded site as far as I can tell.
If the trips or videos do not interest you, seems you can go happily to other parts of the site.
If the trip interests you how cool would that be to go on a sea voyage with someone that brought you so much information and is clearly motivated by their passion for photography, pretty cool...
I agree that the editorial/review content has slipped a bit, but I also agree that it could be do to the frequency of dramatic new products coming on line.

I don't think there is anything much like this site where photographers of all sorts can interact with one another about so many different aspects of photography. and there are some very very talented photographers willing to chime in on the forums!

Its very difficult to maintain a level of integrity in a world so occupied with monetizing anything and everything, and it seems to me that this site has been able to strike a very good balance.

i'm just saying...

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