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Author Topic: Could print driver for Canon 9000-2 be better if it used more Red and Green ink?  (Read 490 times)


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My observation is that my Canon Pixma Pro 9000-2 doesn't use much of its Red and Green dye ink. My impression is that many of the MediaTypes that are available for the printer don't make use of the Red and/or Green ink, but that may be incorrect on my part.

It does surprise me that the Red and Green ink aren't used much. To me, that suggests that the print-driver isn't necessarily optimized to make best use of the availability of the Red and Green ink. I've read that the "Photo Paper Plus Glossy II" MediaType makes use of Red and Green ink, but my experience is that the Red and Green ink cartridges still last a LOT LONGER than other ink carts.

It would seem like the potential print quality (especially "gamut volume") might be improved if the print-driver was "more aware" of the Red and Green ink, and "tuned" to use those colors more. However, that may reflect a flawed understanding on my part of how inkjet printers work.

Or perhaps I am using less than "best practices" to get optimal print quality from my 9000-2?

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I've been using a 9000 for several years, and it's always been the case that the R and G inks last a lot longer if I'm primarily printing photographs. This is to be expected, because they are there to widen the gamut "at the edges," where CMYK fails. You'll see heavy usage only if you print a lot of images whose colors are weighted strongly toward those parts of the spectrum (very green landscapes, for example). Much of the printing I do on the 9000 involves proofing graphic layouts rather than photographs. In those situations I can occasionally almost hear the R and G inks gurgling out of their tanks, but it's rare.
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