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Author Topic: Some questions about processing of color (Dalse vs KAF, Color Checkers etc)  (Read 501 times)


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I have some questions about processing of color.

1) Color profiles in ACR/Lightroom, are they based on measured spectral response or on Color Checker/Color Checker SG or some other standard?

2) Creating a DNG profile with with DNG Profile editor, does it tune the original calibration or replaces it?

3) If we look at the P45+ I happen to have it seems there is a consensus that Adobe Standard profile is not very good, and I indeed feel more comfortable with a DNG Editor generated profile. Why is that?

4) It has been suggested that KAF sensors have different color characteristics than Dalsa sensors with Dalsa sensors having better colors?

5) Is it possible to use Color Checker SG for profiling?

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