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Author Topic: Canon iPF users - Layout Plugin result to Free Layout utility?  (Read 1411 times)


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I wonder if anyone has faced the same problem / knows any solution/workaround. Thank you!

The problem is:

Within Photoshop there's a Canon Layout Plugin that allows to create canvas print layout, cut marks etc.

Also there's a Free Layout utility which allows to nest several prints on a (canvas/paper) roll efficiently which can be run from iPF driver.

Does anyone know a way to create a layout with Layout Plugin and send it to Free Layout?

So far i couldn't find that option. Layout plugin opens the result straight in Canon Photoshop Print Plug-in, which can't connect to Free Layout and bypasses the usual iPF driver.

Layout Plugin also generates a PSD of a canvas layout that you can see in the background. It could be possible to transfer that to Free Layout via usual iPF driver printing but as soon as i close Print Plugin that PSD is discarded  (even the manual for Layout Plugin says that it will be discarded).

So, on the one hand - we can create a convenient canvas layout. On another - as we need to print many canvases at once - we can't seem to be able to use this layout with Free Layout Utility and otherwise we have to print every canvas separately and waste lots of extra canvas (we have a 42' wide roll) which would cost a fortune and seems silly given that these 2 tools exist!

It's so strange that i can create a layout but can't place it efficiently on roll.

Thank you all in advance!

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