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Author Topic: Fun wide open: which one, if either, and why?  (Read 247 times)
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« on: June 10, 2013, 10:00:46 AM »

There's a block of houses on Hawthorne, just west of La Brea, that are some of the few remaining single-family residences left on the street so far east.

One of them is a burned out old husk of a place, really creepy at night, but I was walking back from the gym early yesterday morning, and a worker was there, getting ready to lay a new floor in a rebuild. I asked if I could photograph the house, he said 'sure'.

There was graffiti in the back parking lot that could not otherwise be seen from the street and if the house wasn't derelict and being stripped (no doors, windows, etc...)

I did both of these really quickly, and like the first one for the whiter whites, but that can be easily changed in the second.

Shot at 1.8 w/Olympus 45mm

Faces at Burned Out House, Hawthorne by tanngrisnir3, on Flickr

Shot at 1.4 with the PanLeica 25mm

Faces at Burned Out House #2, Hawthorne by tanngrisnir3, on Flickr
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#1 definitely - not for the whites particularly, but because there is no smeariness in the bokeh.
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