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Author Topic: NEC Color Sensor and SpectraView II Software Kit - do I need it?  (Read 1168 times)
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« on: June 09, 2013, 11:19:02 AM »

I am hoping to find a used NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi2 Monitor to use for my photo editing in Lightroom and printing on my Epson 3880
I already own and use regularly, an i1 Display Pro for calibrating my Apple iMac screen
Do I really need to spend the $250+ for the NEC Color Sensor and SpectraView II Software Kit?
I read in a few places online the the kit is "tuned" to the NEC wide-gamut monitors and without it I won't really get the full benefit of the monitor upgrade
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The software to drive that display yes. IF you have a supported instrument, that should work well although the i1Display-2 is tops for an instrument, the i1Pro will work well although a bit weak in terms of measuring dark emissive colors. Software alone should run you about $99.

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New NEC SpectraSensor is basically an i1Display Pro, that doesn't need any modification, so all you need is SpectraView II software - it will work with your i1Display Pro.

There was a  NEC tuned version of i1Display 2 in the past, but now it's not necessary.

You can also use free GammaComp MD QA - it's not as good as SpectraView II profiler, but it's free:
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