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Author Topic: Functional AND Stylish Camera Backback  (Read 5016 times)


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Re: Functional AND Stylish Camera Backback
« Reply #20 on: June 27, 2013, 08:47:56 PM »

Leeonmaui, how do you keep the camera gear accessible in a top loading backpack? Choose one or two things to strap onto the outside of the pack? Keep camera and most-used lens in top of bag, everything else below the rest of the cooking ,sleep, shelter gear? I really like the Cotton Carrier vest and a Canon 60D/EF-S 15-85mm lens attached to the vest - in practice I find that this handles most of my daytime trailside photos.

As far as I am concerned, here is what I do:
- The real camera is within the pack near the top (I typically keep one jacket between the camera and the top of the bag). I need to stop, open the bag take the camera out, mount it on the tripod to take images,
- For the casual images, I use my Sony RX100 that I keep in my trousers pocket.

From a pure technical quality standpoint, I do of course get better files from my D800 even handheld, but when factoring in the fact that my D800 lenses are non stabilized and that images taken on the go are rarely interesting anyway, the RX100 does a splendid job for those snaps.

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Re: Functional AND Stylish Camera Backback
« Reply #21 on: June 27, 2013, 10:31:18 PM »

I'm amazed on how long this post is going.  I say this with light heartedness, it's almost as if there is more emotional devotion to how to carry a camera over how to take a picture!  :o

I thought I would explain my decision to get the f-stop.  I'll write a review once I get and try it a few times.

1)  It doesn't look like a camera bag, and it looks cool.
2)  Most reviews are very positive and mention it was built for long treks for adventures.
3)  Anything from what I have now is going to be a tremendous step up.  I don't know what I am missing.
4)  I don't intend to do multiple day trips.  More like half day or 1 day trips and then go back to my hotel.
5)  This bag will also be used as my goto camera bag for non hiking trips.
6)  If I do need anything more, I can always get another bag.  I'm in this for the long haul.
7)  I can always give the bag to my wife :o

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Re: Functional AND Stylish Camera Backback
« Reply #22 on: June 28, 2013, 01:35:19 PM »

Hey, this camera pack thread is a mere youngster compared with the Landscape Photography Support Vehicle (car/camper) thread.
Thanks, Leeonmaui, I have been thinking about getting a multiday pack. Even the biggest f-stop pack is really only for a 3 day weekend at most, if the medium camera insert is used. I may use the insert by itself in a multiday pack. I have been trying to have an "ultralight" outlook re gear, to compensate for the camera weight.
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