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Author Topic: Color profile, brightness and Epson Powerlite projector  (Read 2394 times)
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« on: May 30, 2013, 02:23:28 PM »

I've been using the Colormunki to profile an Epson Powerlite 710 for several years with excellent results.  The photo club just replaced the projector with a newer model, also an Epson Powerlite (I don't have access to the model number right now, but it is a similar projector and was about $800).

After setting the projector for RGB and taking it off any automatic color or brightness settings, the color in the profile seems quite accurate except that there are blown highlights in some of the pictures.    I am well aware that what happens with this profiling setup is that the profile is applied to the video card in the computer rather than to the projector.  I was told to lower the brightness manually. I have a bunch of questions:

1) I assume this should be done before doing the profile, yes?

2) Should the adjustment be done on the projector itself, and should it be the brightness or contrast?

3) Or should the adjustment be done on the computer, in this case to an nVidia panel?

I appreciate any suggestions.

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