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Author Topic: Lightroom crashes on trying to import  (Read 547 times)
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« on: May 12, 2013, 01:50:34 PM »

More often than not (and more often than is safe for an already stressed person!) LR crashes when I ask it to import.

I've tried the following which was suggested on another forum -

(Easiest way for you to solve the problem is to rename the LR preferences file:
On your Windows Vista system, while LR is closed, click on the start button and - under "Search Programs and Files", enter the following:
Then press Enter
Within the "Lightroom" folder, you see a folder called "Preferences", in which you find a file called "Lightroom 3 Preferences.agprefs"
Rename the file "Lightroom 3 Preferences.agprefs" to "Lightroom 3 Preferences.agprefs.old"
Start Lightroom, a new preferences file will be built.
Choose the catalog you used last to be opened)

It still happens.

Does anyone have any ideas please?



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