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Author Topic: How do I calibrate both my iMac and NEC monitor?  (Read 1290 times)
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« on: May 10, 2013, 08:27:10 PM »

I own a 3-year old 24-inch iMac, and I am using ColorMunki to calibrate my iMac now.  I always find the iMac too bright for photo editing, even if I turn the brightness all the way down.  So, I'm thinking of buying a NEC PA241W and hook it up to the iMac.  Longer term, I also intend to get rid of the iMac and go with a MacBook Pro, so I would like to invest in a good monitor for the future.

1. Should I get the monitor without SpectraView and use my ColorMunki (both the hardware and its software) to calibrate both my iMac and the NEC monitor?
2. If I get SpectraView, I'll only be able to use it to calibrate the NEC monitor and not my iMac.  It also appears that I have to make sure that the ColorMunki calibration software is not running.  So, how do I calibrate both the NEC and iMac and have their display profiles loaded correctly?  In other words, would I be able to use SpectraView and the bundled color sensor on my NEC, and then use my ColorMunki hardware and software to calibrate my iMac?
3. I have also read articles about using ColorMunki with SpectraView in this forum and elsewhere.  My question #2 above remains.  That is, after I'm done with my NEC using my ColorMunki and SpectraView software, can I then use ColorMunki hardware and software to calibrate my iMac?

Thanks in advance.
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