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Author Topic: Working Space & Simulate Output (After Effects & BMCC)  (Read 5477 times)
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« on: May 10, 2013, 10:01:33 AM »

I've seen AfterEffects can handle icc profiles in Project Settings windows where I can set the Working space (between Rec.709, CIE-RGB, Universal Camera Film, etc.) and choose if I want to Linearize it or not. Once you set it, there is also the View > Simulate Output option (where again I can choose between Rec.709, CIE-RGB, Universal Camera Film, etc.)

I have 10-bit Prores and 12-bit CinemaDNG from Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and my aim is to render in HDTV style:
Here my questions:
1. do I have to set Rec.709 immediately in Project Settings > Working Space, or not?
2. to take advantage of BMCC high-dynamic range and 10/12-bit gamut, should I choose Linearize option or not?
3. what shoud I choose in View > Simulate Output?
4. why after setting the Working Space the footage color aspect doesn't change, while all changes after setting the Simulate Output? (and why the footage seems so dark?)
5. what profile for the grading monitor? (I'm using an old Apple Cinema HD Display.)

Thanks all!
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