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Author Topic: Puzzling behaviour of NEF files and photoshop/lightroom  (Read 4724 times)


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Re: Puzzling behaviour of NEF files and photoshop/lightroom
« Reply #20 on: June 03, 2013, 12:20:02 AM »

To all: I posted the original query, and today just bumped into the solution. I opened ViewNX2, and chose any picture that I had no problems opening in Photoshop CS5. I right clicked on it,and chose Copy IPTC info from that file. Then I went to the folder that had the "bad" pictures and selected all and right clicked to copy IPTC info. Then when I clicked on any file to poen it on PS5, there is a dialog asking if I want to actually copy the info to which I say yes. Then voila, all those pictures now open in PS5 without any problem. Obviously, Nikon transfer did not copy (or not correctly) this info, so by copying and pasting from another good file, problem solved. I clarify that all the info, like ISO, shutter speed, lens info, etc, is preserved. In any case I wanted to add this to everybody's armamentarium agains disasters.
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