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Author Topic: I need a better monitor  (Read 9556 times)


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Re: I need a better monitor
« Reply #20 on: May 02, 2013, 09:27:28 AM »

The photography industry is tiny compared to the consumer electronics industry.  The vast middle ground of photography uses the leftovers of the consumer electronics industry.  The first generation of P&S cameras used sensors that were originally designed for camcorders, which matched 4:3 CRT TVs.  Current consumer computer monitors use panels that were designed for HDTVs.  etc.

3D was the last big thing for consumer electronics and I think everybody agrees that that was a bust.  The consumer electronics industry likes to sell everybody all new everything.  The last time they pulled this off was with (approx. 2K)  flat screen HDTVs/Blu-Ray.  If they want to repeat selling everybody all new everything they need to make a compelling case for 4K.

I thought that 4K was ambitious enough that it would be years before anything tangible hit the market.  Which was why I was surprised that 4K products are starting to trickle out.  Don't judge 4K/Rec. 2020 to be a total failure because the first generation products are a bit lacking.  The first $5,000 3 megapixel DSLRs weren't very impressive either.

If (and this is a big if) the entire consumer electronics industry succeeds in rolling out 4K that meets the Rec. 2020 standard, then the massive gamut I displayed in my first post will be the new normal--everybody will be using this gamut.   sRGB will be a distant memory, just like 4:3 CRT TVs are now.   

We can only hope.


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Re: I need a better monitor
« Reply #21 on: May 02, 2013, 09:56:45 AM »

Even if you get a " sooper dooper " monitor then you have to get  " sooper dooper " profiles and a " sooper dooper " bang up to date printer. if you are outputting for the web then viewers won't have a " sooper dooper " monitor as good as yours. It is all problematic and to say the least expensive. :)

If you get a sooper dooper display like the SpectraView, you're getting a super duper display profile!

You might need profiles for output, maybe not. Epson for one supplies superb canned profiles for their papers. Other's can as well. YMMV.

But yes, sending images through the web means that you have to accept some poor slob who's got a 1994 CRT display that can't hit 67cd/m2 and the most neutral image will appear with a color cast. 
Andrew Rodney
Author “Color Management for Photographers”
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