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Re: Cooter
« Reply #60 on: May 03, 2013, 02:44:38 PM »

"The most difficult shot might not fit the story and probably should hit the floor, but since we are so attached to it, we can't help but insert it.  "

Absolutely. You get precious and hang on to things that aren't needed. I always show a rough edit to a friend in the business and he will imidiately spot what needs to go and is quite ruthless but the end product is always better for it.


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Re: Cooter
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1.  You mean, like guns?

2.  You have got to be joking: Barbarella broke a friggin' machine; you think it fortunate to mess with someone like that?

Rob C

1. > Not guns, but if an electric drill or a cell phone would cause so many deadly accidents, it would be forbidden.

2. > I think it would be worth a try ;-) She had those pills for "intellectual sex" (in the scene with David Hemmings), but preferred the old fashioned way. At least she said so in the movie.

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