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Author Topic: Monitor Apple Cinema vs Panasonic Viera TV  (Read 952 times)
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« on: April 28, 2013, 09:03:32 AM »

My configation Late 2012 Mac mini i7 2.3 16meg Osx 10.8.3 all fixes applied.
Apple Cinema 20 inch.... with DVI connections Panasonic Viera LCD two years old (not the cheap model)
Profile app DATACOLOR Spyder Pro

Ran a test as we are late in watching a TV show and wanted to see it on a larger screen. all was fine through HDMI directly. Colors good. But decided to Color manage screen so I could see what the image from my real work would look like.

Scary. results sRGB Gamut Panasonic 99% Cinema 98%
AdobeRGB Gamut Panasonic 77% Cinema 77%.

I was shocked to see the similarities in the final result of the charts.
I reran to see if I made an error? none that I could find.
This is after reading all the horror stories about crushed whites, etc etc..
Only answer I have is the better quality Panasonic that I bought twice the price of cheaper models.

Any thoughts? This is after reading all the horror stories about crushed whites with the late 2012 Mac mini,color issues   etc etc.

cheers elo
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