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Author Topic: Can't Organise User Presets under OS X Lion  (Read 623 times)


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Can't Organise User Presets under OS X Lion
« on: April 21, 2013, 09:18:24 AM »

Hi all-

My Develop Presets are in need of some de-cluttering, so as a first move I just tried to set up a subfolder under User Presets to hold those that relate to my long-gone EOS 300D. In LR Presets panel in Develop module I right-clicked on a preset and clicked "Show in finder" This opens a Finder window and shows the LR Presets which are buried deep inside the User Library (which in Lion is normally a "hidden" folder). Working in that Finder window, I put my 300D presets in a new subfolder a new "300D Presets" folder, then went back and closed/reopened LR to see if this had worked. The "300D Presets" folder was there in the Presets panel, but NOT inside the User Presets folder.

I guessed that I'd need to Import the new folder into my User Presets, so right clicked on User Presets and clicked "Import". To my (naive?) surprise, the Finder window that opened next took me to my MacHD>Users>Me window, but this time the Users>Me>Library is hidden! So no way I can import the new folder into my User Presets folder in LR!

Tried a workaround of putting the "300D Presets" folder on my desktop and trying again to Import it, but LR will only import the individual .lrtemplate files from there, not the Folder!

So can anyone here suggest is there any way  to organise User Presets into subfolders, on a Mac running Lion or subsequent versions of the OS?

I think there may be a way of removing the "folder-hiding" thing using Terminal - but that takes me a bit out o my comfort zone

Any suggestions welcomed

Thanks in advance

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