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Author Topic: Web modeule output Oversaturated when using a NEC 3090 monitor  (Read 580 times)


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I wanted to double check with this forum on this issue.  Whenever I use the web module to output images in LR4 (it was the same in LR3 also), after LR has created the thumbnails and before I would export the files, most of the images come back way over saturated.  Reds and blues espeically.  I am using a NEC 3090, calibrated with Spectraview software.  This is only happens on the web module, all of the others the view is fine.  If I take the same file and use LR on the same machine, but use a different monitor, like a HP 20" LCD, this does not happen and on my mabook pro 15" gen 2 machine, no problems, (under bootcamp or Mac).   

In regards to outputting from the web module, I most times just use the export button in the web module, I am not aware of a way to set a out put color space here like you can in normal exports.  Is there a place to tell LR to use sRGB for web output?

The files are imported into LR with Adobe sRGB (1998) or prophoto color space.  I have not tried converting the color space to sRGB first in CS and then doing the import, however that seems like a wasted process. 

Is there a setting in LR4 that I am missing here that would be causing this.  It seems to only happen if use the 30" NEC (win 7 64 bit) that I get this over saturated output, again web module only. 

Paul Caldwell
Paul Caldwell
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