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Author Topic: FYI: X-Rite released i1Diagnostics 4 (but not compatible with i1D2 or i1iSis?)  (Read 751 times)


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> (from X-Rite) Important: Version v.4.0.0 does not support the i1D2 nor the i1iSis. Customers using these devices should continue to use version v2.5.1.

I wonder if there is a "Change Log"?  Is the i1D2 the spectro that comes with the i1Profiler Photo Pro-2?

I've found that my very early i1iSis serial #307 can get "stuck" and "hang" in certain semi-random workflow.  "Unable to communicate with device."

i1Diagnostics 2.51 can be useful to bring it back to sanity without needing to reboot. YMMV.
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