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Author Topic: icc colour profiles and soft proofing  (Read 546 times)
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I prefer matt fine art papers to Baryta/gloss etc and print mostly on B&W. I do however print in colour occasionally and have spent some time experimenting with papers. After some advice from online papers I have bought some Museo Max, and so far I can't see nay real advantage over some of my other papers, early days. BUT when I look at images for colour Gamut, museo max is low in comparison to epson Cold Press and HFA museum Etching for example. Are these indicators a complete waste of time regarding icc profiles ? (I have seent he digitagog videos and appreciate the potential benefit of not adjusting in LR to deal with the out of gamut 'red') But either I have been 'had' or Museo Max and LR4 don't talk the same language ?!
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Depending on how the profile was made and how the profile gamut is evaluated, the gamut plot can tell you little about how to select a paper.

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