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Author Topic: Paper comaptibility for Canon (8300/8400) with Epson, HP papers  (Read 742 times)


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Hi everyone,
sorry if the question might sound a bit ridiculous but in Russia (where my company is based) choice of printing media is very limited.

We are planning to install Canon 8400 but choice of native Canon printing media is almost absent but there are Epson and HP materials which are widely used.

The questions is, whether Epson/HP ink-jet printing media compatible with Canon 8300/8400?     

There are almost no local Canon users here to address this question to (mostly Epson in Russia), so our decision to go with Canon is primarily based on positive reviews on LL.   

With best regards,

Malcolm Payne

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Re: Paper comaptibility for Canon (8300/8400) with Epson, HP papers
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2013, 09:05:40 AM »

Hi Ilya,

All the Epson media I've tried (Premium Glossy/Semi-Gloss Photo Paper 250, Photo Grade Semi-Gloss, Enhanced/Double-Weight Matte) work fine on my iPF8300, though you'll need custom profiles for each. The only media that weren't very satisfactory (poor gamut) were Epson's Radiant White Watercolour and an old roll of their semi-glossy(?) canvas. The Enhanced Matte is also stuffed with OBAs and 'yellows' fairly rapidly, so I wouldn't use that for anything long term. These are all old stock from when I used to run an Epson 9600, I don't know what their current range are like but I doubt they'd be any less compatible with the 8300. I still use my remaining stock of PGPP(250) for paying customers who need high-gloss, 'photo' prints, with excellent results.

Otherwise, for high-quality media (I do principally art reproduction) I recommend the Canson Infinity range, or Breathing Color's 'Lyve' for canvas prints, if you can get them.

Best regards,


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Re: Paper comaptibility for Canon (8300/8400) with Epson, HP papers
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2013, 01:28:26 PM »

That is true that you can print on almost any brand besides the manufacturers.  The printing will be basically the same between the 83/8400 as the inks are exactly the same as well as the body.  Only difference is the 8400 has updated hardware and software.

If you are printing something that you want suggestions on for the best quality within a budget, let us know.  We stock many different brands and can assist you with options that may work.  Possibly the items may be within your country or close.
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