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Author Topic: Hasselblad $4000 off  (Read 7235 times)

Brian Hirschfeld

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Re: Hasselblad $4000 off
« Reply #20 on: March 22, 2013, 09:19:46 AM »

DF+ is a good improvement speed wise, though I haven't found DF lacking. Never had any problems with the H3D I owned and H2's (P65+) and H4's I've rented.

I'm thinking the ability to autofocus confirm beyond f8 and some adjustable AF points I'm not asking for a 51point AF system or anything, just 9 points or whatever, and going hand and hand with the AF confirmation better metering at small apertures.

I don't think it's an accuracy failing when focus confirmation isn't in focus (below f/8) but I believe that it's because of where the AF point in the camera.

I don't think these are crazy things to ask for tech wise, but that being said I have low expectations since these may be somewhat specialized requirements.
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Re: Hasselblad $4000 off
« Reply #21 on: March 22, 2013, 03:36:04 PM »


What I have noted that Capture Integration has a refurbed P45+ back for 11900$ and for not much more money you can get a brand new 39MP Hasselblad with a viewfinder and lens. Now, I am aware of the P45+ being one of the best backs. Also I assume that the P45+ has less crop factor than the Hasselblad offering.

I feel that it is an advantage if you can send a camera back to the factory directly. I can see that if the back needs to be sent overseas it simplifies things to go trough a dealer. On the other hand I happen to live in Sweden, and the European Union is quite unproblematic to ship within. Also, Anders Torger, one of the frequent and helpful posters on these forums had great difficulty to repair his Leaf back at great expense. In addition, the issue he wanted to be solved, namely that the camera is not working below +5 degrees was not fully resolved as it now works down to five degrees, that means it wouldn't work outside here today. I got the impression that the dealers did no great service to him.

I realize, of course, that dealers are different and I'm pretty sure CI and DT are very reliable partners to both Phase and customers.

Right now, I have seen a price of 48 995 SEK (around 7500 $US) on a H4D-31 kit here in Sweden, including camera, finder and lens:

Best regards

While Hasselblad employs more of a Nikon/Canon channel than Phase One, they also still do employ many of the type of more service and support-oriented dealers that Phase One does, including Capture Integration. That does not explain their pricing policy. The difference between employing a service oriented dealer channel and a "Nikon/Canon channel" is significantly over-stated. Say for arguments sake the difference is 10 percentage points, that has an impact, but not as much as some of the price differences would suggest, nor as much as most believe. 10% of a $20,000 camera is $2,000 difference.

Hasselblad - New Gen
$42,995 - H5D-60/80mm
$29,495 - H5D-50/80mm
$20,495 - H5D-40/80mm

Phase One - New Gen
$40,995 - IQ260/DF+/80mm
No comparable for H5D-50
$23,990 - IQ140/DF+/80mm

Leaf - New Gen
$34,095 - Credo 60/DF+/80mm
No comparable for H5D-50
$19,495 - Credo 40/DF+/80mm

Hasselblad - Old Gen
$33,495 - H4D-60/80mm
$25,495 - H4D-50/80mm
$19,495 - H4D-40/80mm

Phase One - Old Gen
$34,995 - IQ160/DF+/80mm
No comparable for H4D-50
$23,990 - IQ140/DF+/80mm

Leaf - Old Gen
$25,995 - Aptus-II 56/DF+/80mm
No comparable for H4D-50
$15,495 - Aptus-II 40/DF+/80mm

Not really much of a difference, although perhaps you could say a 10% difference might account for the lower end price difference. But it's not a pricing strategy (or if it was, it is not a successful one). The difference in price does not create the necessary increase in volume.

I don't have an issue with the promotional price of the H4D-40 without a lens for $12,995 or with a lens for $15,495. The problem I have is that it should be a permanent price, and should have been reduced at the time of the H5D announcement. The "normal" price of the H4D-40 with lens is only $1,000 less than the H5D-40 with lens, which makes no sense. This shouldn't be a "promotion" it should be a price reduction.

Yes, you can send a Hasselblad product in for repair without any dealer intervention. From our standpoint, this is a disadvantage for the client. We continue to facilitate Hasselblad repairs for our Hasselblad customers, regardless of this optional policy.

Steve Hendrix
Capture Integration


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Re: Hasselblad $4000 off
« Reply #22 on: March 22, 2013, 05:40:42 PM »

I'm sure.  Like cars every previous year model is discounted.

Also since a lot of people are moved by the megapixel numbers a 40mp sensor next to a 46mpx 35mm camera probably has some relevance in pricing.

Personally I think pixel count is not exactly the only reason to use a certain camera as I like the look of h4d40 file I've seen, lovely skintones to background color, especially on location and the sharpness of the non aa filter.

It seems like a good deal if your looking for a new mfd camera.

btw:   not to go off of topic but everybody is ranting about the Lunar.  I've seen hasselblad's marketing on this camera and it's not bad.  Sure it's a Sony with more bling, but a Cadillac is essentially a Chevrolet with more bling and a lot of companies in all consumer goods source parts and tech from around the world.

Today's world really is flat when it comes to commerce.   There are Chrysler's designed by Fiat with motors sourced from BMW, built in Poland.

That doesn't make them good or bad.

I wouldn't buy a lunar, but know people who would and there is nothing new about a company with a strong brand name leveraging it into other products.



That is exactly right. MF can give you a differnt look than the smaller formats. I shot this with a 645D in harsh sunlight.

But I shoot all sorts of cams. Somedays the little m43 brings the keeper home and the 645 image get trashed.
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