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Author Topic: Upgrading: Canon 5D mark III : or should I consider the Nikon D800 ?  (Read 19233 times)
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« Reply #20 on: March 18, 2013, 11:35:31 PM »

As much as I dislike Nikon USA for bad customer service, I have to say that the current generation of products are amazing.

Yesterday I was out on my motorcycle and came to this lake. I did not have the tripod (or even ND/CPL filter) with me, but I really wanted to slow down shutter to get the calm water. So I decided to overexpose the picture by two stops (I chose not to use ISO 50 which is bogus).

The first picture in lightroom before and after. Much is made of the shadow details in D800 but look at highlight recovery. The blown out colors came back with full details.

The second picture is a 100% crop of the same image. Just look at the shutter speed! It is 1/8th of second. As I said this was handheld, though I did shoot a burst, of which only the first one was blurry.
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If you have one brand's lenses, it makes no sense to switch to the other.  Both the Mark III and the D800 will make you happy.
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