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Author Topic: Z3100-Mac OS printing problem  (Read 546 times)


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Z3100-Mac OS printing problem
« on: February 23, 2013, 11:19:09 PM »

There appears to be a problem with HP Z3100 drivers and Mac 10.6-10.8 when it comes to printing black from PS CS5.

The problem shows up with images that have totally black sections. The problem is not 100% consistent since I have gotten at least one good image using the latest drivers.

There is a test that seems to be consistent. A jpeg, sRGB image that is entirely black, RGB= 0,0,0 or 1,1,1 will run through the printer and emerge completely white with no ink at all. RGB=2,2,2 prints OK. All of the above files print fine on Epson 3800 and Canon IPF6400 printers. They also print on a Z3100 from a PC.

I have tested the following combinations of Mac OS and HP drivers:

1-     10.6.8 with V4.4   prints OK
2-     10.6.8 with V21    fails
3-     10.7.5 with V22    fails
4-     10.8.2 with V22    fails

An added complication is that the Mac 10.6.8 with driver V10.67.1.0 prints OK on my backup from 1/11/13 but fails from my backup of 2/1/13

My testing used multiple computers and a single Z3100. HP support has confirmed combinations 1&2. There have been other reports on the net of similar problems.

I am currently dealing with HP support and could use any data on this problem you might be able to come up with. In particular does any one have data on what works with HP driver V20. V20 is not currently downloadable but is reported to work.

Chuck Fritsch



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Re: Z3100-Mac OS printing problem
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2013, 11:38:39 PM »

I've read about this issue and the fact that HP is working on it now, but for the record I can verify that the Postscript driver v.21 is working correctly with 10.8.2.  I'm thrilled to be running the lucky combination right now, because I print a lot of images with solid black backgrounds.

Sometimes you have to wonder if they do any beta testing when they update their drivers.  I've been dealing with a bug for a year now that affects me when I shift from roll to sheet feed.  Unless I open the Print Settings dialogue box twice and OK it both times, it expects a roll instead of a sheet, even though the settings show that a sheet is selected.  Stupid and annoying, but at least not mission critical like the black printing bug you are having to deal with.
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