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Author Topic: Hasselblad 30mm fisheye lens catastrophe!  (Read 2033 times)


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Hasselblad 30mm fisheye lens catastrophe!
« on: February 21, 2013, 07:09:43 AM »

Hello all: I had a catastrophe, with Hasselblad Zeiss 30mm F3.5 Distagon T* C Fisheye lens circa 1975.

It was dropped from  2' height onto a metal case corner. The lens shade and front
element hit a glancing blow on the corner of the case.  :-[

One shade "petal" bent, severely, but not broken, the front element has a thick mark on the coating, a few inches long, but the glass surface seems to be undamaged.

Incredibly the shade damage does not intrude into the image, and the  lens seems to work  OK!  :-\

I attempted to clean it with Digiclean A and B solutions, lens tissue, and lens cleaning
solution. Finally the Lens Pen. Cleaning gave some improvement, but the coating mark does not fully clean off, perhaps the coating is damaged?

Hasselblad or Zeiss service is very costly and they my not have the parts anymore. I am looking for alternatives.

1, Any other suggestions to clean the coating mark?

2, Any USA or EU lens repair firms that you can suggest? (eg EX Hasselblad technician!)

3, Do you think the petal shade (aluminum?) will break if it was straightened?

4. Any source of parts for these old lenses?


Kind Regards,

Brian Hirschfeld

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Re: Hasselblad 30mm fisheye lens catastrophe!
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2013, 09:56:02 AM »

Just a general comment on service, I find it always better to go straight to the source (Hasselblad) the first time instead of wasting time (and money) before determining that this is what you have to do in the first place.

I know that when I have broken something, the companies are always able to fix it. No experience with Hasselblad in this situation but when things go wrong you want them to be fixed right...
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Re: Hasselblad 30mm fisheye lens catastrophe!
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2013, 12:52:02 PM »

Hello all: many thanks for the advise and referrals!

Most of the lens repair firms I contacted could not do anything, due to lack of parts availability. Zeiss and Hasselblad seemed to want to send me elsewhere.

However, I have good news: ;D I needed to test it and have been working with digital MF backs since 2007, not film, so I did not want to use the Hasselblad body.
Instead, I  got the 30mm fisheye to work on a Contax 645, with Pahse One  IQ180 back, by using the Novoflex CONTHA 645 Hasselblad to Contax 645 adapter.

At first, it did not focus at Infinity.  >:( I thought it was the drop, or back focus limits when mounted with the adapter, which adds a few mm of lens extension.

Finally I realized that I when I opened the lens to check for damage, (front element of these comes off to allow internal filter change) I did not properly reassemble it!  The front element was rotated 30 deg and was not fully seated!  After I fixed that, it works fine! This test is at f/11.  8)

The small spots in the sky at upper left are dirt on the sensor.  Everything is in focus, and the coating flaws seem to have no effect on the image.

Comments appreciated!

With Kind Regards,

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