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Author Topic: Problems profiling with Gretagmacbeth i1 Display 2 and basICColor Display 5  (Read 699 times)
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« on: February 09, 2013, 04:16:07 AM »

I had been using the i1D2 for a few years with basICColor Display 4, without any problems. The computer was running Vista x64.

Recently, I clean installed my PC with Windows 8. When I got round to wanting to install basICColor Display, I discovered that I couldn't download basICColor Display 4, and would have to purchase Display 5, which I was told had been tested with Windows 8.

The problem is that I cannot create a satisfactory profile. At the end of the process (regardless of the preset profile I choose, or even if I create custom settings) I get a red X instead of a green tick mark, indicating that the profiling has failed.

I contacted basICColor about this and they say that the problem lies in the fact that the i1D2 has only an sRGB gamut and that I should be using a better instrument.

1. Nothing about my system has changed except that it's running Windows 8 instead of Vista, and that I'm using basICColor Display 5 instead of 4.

2. If I use X-Rite's (as they are called now) own iMatch software, I get a very clean looking profile.

basICColor are refusing to refund me because they say the problem is with the i1D2.

I would be happy to stick with i1D2/iMatch combination for the moment, or spend the refunded money on a i1DPro.

Any views appreciated.



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