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Author Topic: On the Natural and the Synthetic  (Read 246 times)


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On the Natural and the Synthetic
« on: February 05, 2013, 11:10:52 AM »

This thread is meant for a series of images about natural structures versus man-made or synthetic structures. The idea is that natural structures tend to be irregular, whereas synthetic structures generally are regular patterns. What I find particularly interesting is that for some reason there is a kind of comfort in the chaos of irregular natural structures, whereas the regular patterns of synthetic structures, while very easy to comprehend or predict, for some reason do not exhibit this trait, in fact, usually quite the opposite.

The challenge of course is to find the right balance between the natural and synthetic pattern so that those two elements become the focus of the image, while still providing a pleasing composition.

A couple of images that I already have in mind are these:

The branches and twigs of a tree in front of a metallic wall,
A tree trunk in front of a brick wall,
The handle of a bridge with the small waves of water.

I am going to add my images here as I go along, but I have opted to do so in the critique section to discuss the results. Additionally this thread is completely open to attempts of others. Mind you, this is not a challenge in the sense of who provides the best image, but it is a challenge in the sense of the question of whether pleasing images ( <- note the plural ) can be shot that convey this message.

Great, now I have forced myself to go out and shoot some images, but that weather…  >:(
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