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Author Topic: PS CS5 + ACR 6.7 with IQ 180 or Creo 80 files: slow, sometimes stops processing  (Read 608 times)


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If I open IQ 180 or Creo 80 files (the latter ones first converted in C1 to DNG) with ACR 6.7 in CS5 (PS or Bridge) the opening and process time is typically 3 to 10 times longer than opening P65+ files and every few files ACR runs endlessly without opening the file in PS (in order to safe it as tiff or jpg). This never happens with Canon 5d2 or P65+ raw files.
Actually the Activity Monitor of Mac OSX does not show any strong processor acrtivity, the program just stucks ... 
Does any one else know this problem? Solution/work around?
Is CS6 + ACR 7 quicker and won't stop processing?
Thx for tips, Christoph


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Check the RAM usage in the activity monitor. On my older MBP CS6 seems a bit faster than CS5 and it takes about 10% more RAM. On my newer MBP (more RAM and SSD) they open files more or less at the same speed

Also for Credo 80 IIQL files you can use ACR 7.1 or 7.2 which will save you the need to save them as DNG...

Hope this helps

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