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Author Topic: Library metadata filter. Odd behaviour...  (Read 649 times)


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Library metadata filter. Odd behaviour...
« on: January 19, 2013, 09:40:55 PM »

Morning All,

I have LR 4.3. and I'm learning my way around the program slowly. I hope someone can assist me with my understanding of some odd behaviour..

I have 10,134 images in my catalog. I am around 1/3rd through applying keywords to them. I noticed this morning when in the library module, when I applied the Metadata Status filter it said I had around 3,000 whose status had been changed and around 7,000 were up to date. I selected all of the files whose status was 'Has been changed' and hit Ctrl S to save metadata to files. When that was completed, all but 279 had their status change to 'Up to date'.

I thought that was odd so selected the 279 images, hit Ctrl S and watched the status change . 'Has been changed' went to Zero and 'Up to date' went to 10,134. Good, that made sense. Within a couple of seconds though, I sat watching the numbers reverse and the 'Has been changed' status was counting back up to 279 while the 'Up to date' status counted down to 9,855!

I thought I was seeing things so repeated the exercise and the same occurred. I thought perhaps my backup program might be interfering so shut that down and repeated the exercise. The 279 images are scattered through the catalog with files from various folders represented. Same thing again. Any thoughts or assistance with this would be appreciated.

I have looked through D65s Lightroom Digital Workflow but can't see any reference to this through Google or any of my references..

Win7, 64bit, 12gb ram.

Edit: I have been selecting individual folders as well. Make changes to the keywording to bring them up to date. I'll select all, Ctrl S to save and I will watch the counters change. If I select in the metadata Filter Status 'Has been changed' I can see the thumbnails disappear from view as I would expect since they no longer meet the criteria of the filter. When the save is done, there will be no thumbnails in the library filter view as none now meet the 'Has been changed' status. I'll leave the view like that for a few seconds and then some thumbnails will come back into view. It's like a rollback of the changes. Different numbers of thumbnails so I can't say it's always 10 or 20..... ??? ???
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Re: Library metadata filter. Odd behaviour...
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2013, 01:18:29 AM »

I have the same problem. I  have about 54 images out of 27000 that exhibit this behavior.

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