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Author Topic: FS/FT: Nikon D3 body USA **under 10k shutter count**  (Read 1133 times)


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FS/FT: Nikon D3 body USA **under 10k shutter count**
« on: January 18, 2013, 06:43:09 PM »

Hey all,

I know many of you might find this "old tech" now, but a D3 is still a very nice camera, and capable of tremendous results. However, for my needs, its a bit too much. So with that, I'm looking to sell it to fund a D800 due to some potential for upcoming travel(hence smaller size), and since its about the same size as my F6.

Overall its very clean, there are some small signs of use, but no peeling leatherette that I can see upon close scrutiny. There are some small rub marks here and there(most prominent on top of prism), but overall, its still very clean IMO. The shutter count is UNDER 10K, according to filenames, its at 9214. Not much. IIRC, its rated for 300k from Nikon, so this isn't even broken-in yet ;). I don't shoot action, sports or other fast-moving subject matter, and still shoot primarily film, so my "methodical working approach" transfers over to working with digital too, hence the LOW shutter count.
   I haven't seen any issues with hot-pixels, sensor issues or whatnot, just beautiful NEF files(even the in-camera jpeg compression is great) since buying it.

What is included in this sale:
1. Nikon D3 body w/ body cap
2. Assorted paperwork/manuals, (1) disc, etc...
3. Nikon D3 strap(OEM Nikon) *Nikon triangular strap lugs are missing, I used a different strap with this body*
4. double-battery charger w/ cord
5. (1) Nikon battery
6. (1) Calumet-branded battery(works just as well, and holds charge perfectly)
7. Box w/ inserts

I mentioned "for trade" because maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there with a USA Nikon D800 who has been thinking about going the opposite way I have, ;), just maybe! Please send me a message if that's you. I'm happy to chat over a phone call or two, if you're interested.

I'm in Los Angeles, and happy to hand-deliver(and collect cash payment if in-person) to the lucky buyer if they're within the LA county/Orange County area, no extra charge. Happy to meet local LuLa photographers!

Price I'm looking for is $2400 + shipping worldwide, or trade for a D800/800e
I use Paypal(split fees 50/50), but also accept USPS Money Orders for US-based buyers.
No personal checks please, a 10day waiting period for my bank to fully clear funds is a hassle for both of us.

***I also have a RRS L-bracket for sale SEPARATELY, for $100 shipped in the USA. $80 extra if you buy it with the D3. Pictures for this item are in the same gallery link below***

I have 100% feedback on e***, HERE is a link to my ebay user page.

More pictures of the camera and accessories included in the sale can be seen here:




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Re: FS/FT: Nikon D3 body USA **under 10k shutter count**
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2013, 03:01:48 AM »

Case closed! Thanks to C-list, I found a D800 owner looking for a straight trade. Done deal :)
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