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Author Topic: CS6 upgrade via download  (Read 540 times)
Dave Gurtcheff
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« on: January 18, 2013, 01:58:33 PM »

We are still not in our home after Sandy, so I am working off of a new laptop with Windows 8. I decided to upgrade to CS6, because of Process 2012 ACR. Against my better judgement, as I was in a hurry to upgrade, I paid $200 to download, rather than wait for a week to reveive a disk. Frustrations. It took around 4 hours to down load. went to bed at around midnight, up at 4am to install after down load. More frustrations. It does not automatically install. It created a Folder on my desktop called CS6. Clicking it did not install just showed me a bunch of files. After an hour of playing, I got it to install. Today I used it, and guess what...It would NOT open my D800E files. The $200 down load has an OUTDATED version of ACR. When I try to update from CS6 I get a message that the Update Server is down.....try again later!.How rediculous that a DOWNLOADED version is out of date. I am now attempting to down load ACR 7.1 independent of CS6, and manually install it.
sorry for the rant.
Dave in NJ
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