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Author Topic: Cokin Z Pro Vignette Issue Solved  (Read 693 times)
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« on: January 09, 2013, 11:25:36 AM »

I am using the z pro on a Canon 16-35 MKII and managed to completely eliminate the vignette problems, even at 16mm. What I did was take the four bolts out and disassembled the entire thing. I placed the adapter ring, in this case a 82mm, on the inside of the z pro assembly. In other words, instead of having the adapter ring between the lens and z pro, the z pro is now between the lens and adapter ring. I also removed one of the spacers, reducing my number of filter spaces from 3 to 2 (which is all I would ever use anyway) and then I turned the bolts backwards. I did that because after removing the spacers the bolts extend out a bit. Reversing them keeps them from jutting out into the photo. I will try to post a pic shortly.
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Sounds nice, interested to see the pics!

Here's another solution for the 16-35 II, done with the Lee filter adapter ring....

Take an aftermarket lens hood and trim it down to just the bayonet mount then cut out the center threads of the screw in filter adapter ring, and epoxy the two together. Removes all vignetting, sets the filter adapter closer to the lens, and even allows you to use a screw in polarizer simultaneously. The bayonet mount of the lens hood allows for fast attachment and removal of the whole assembly.


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