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Author Topic: Keywords with an embedded space character - filtering?  (Read 729 times)


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Keywords with an embedded space character - filtering?
« on: January 07, 2013, 06:56:32 AM »

I use a number of keywords with embedded space characters, e.g. "3 District", "13 District", "303 District", "3 Region", "23 Region", etc...

Trying to use a keyword filtering in a smsart collection, say "3 District", seems to be an issue as it takes the logically unique single keyword as two keywords in a list.

Using any combination of the "Contains", "Contains All" or "Contains Words" does not return the matches I would like... unless I start excluding specific parts of keywords e.g. "3 District !Region !13 !303".

I might be missing something obvious here, but aside from removing the embedded space character in the Keyword or replacing it with say a hyphen, any other way around this?

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