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Author Topic: Sony NEX-7 - green tinted corners with Canon EF / EF-S lenses after FW upgrade?  (Read 728 times)

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Hi all,

First post here, so greetings :). I am using a Sony NEX-7 with MK1 Metabones adapter for my Canon 10-22mm and Canon 17-55mm.

We've all read about the NEX-7 and it's magenta corners with some UWA lenses (I've never experienced this), but since I have upgraded to FW v.1.01 I have noticed something weird in the way of green tinted corners and I wonder if Sony have applied some sort of "RAW cooking" to workaround the magenta corners?

I first noticed this when I went photographing a few snowy scenes and noticed a distinct green tint in the corners and down the side. This tint was present on both Canon lenses regardless of the focal length I use (10mm or 55mm). Also, the aperture in the examples attached are f/8. Now, I can work around this by using Cornerfix to create a lens profile to clear this up, but I'd prefer if it didn't happen at all. I've also tried to apply my Cornerfix profile to my images from FW v.1.00 and it actually makes the corners magenta! Therefore, this only appears to be a FW v1.01 issue.

I've attached the example snow scene with a corresponding Cornerfix profile. I've also taken another two test shots today - one is pretty much a straight from camera shot, the other one is the same shot with the Cornerfix profile applied.

Any thoughts on this?
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