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Re: Soft Proofing
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Hi Tony,

At this point you are correct in that I will stick to my CS6 soft proof workflow for the time being. When I get some time I will evaluate with some "real world" printing  by taking images in and out of LR with various profiles and take it from there.

My reason for Mirage is that its simply a great printing output. I have printed about 110 sq.m of images during Dec with many layout configurations and I just could not see me juggling the cranky LR Print workflow. The Epson/Apple/Adobe paper and print setup alone with its regular amnesia and vague sizing palette is enough to make my days longer, then there is the output with a Brightness and Contrast that when used is like jumping off a cliff in the dark - I think it was Julieanne Kost's statement in an Adobe tutorial for lightroom 4 said, this is a great feature it may take you 4 or 5 prints to evaluate and get it right. Sorry but I print 3 meter prints regularly and I cannot afford to hit the button without a very informed buffer. I have said it before but Mirage gives me an on-screen accuracy that I cannot better even with ImagePrint, and a delivered print the best I have ever had and the interface is fast simple, I can also run 2 or 3 printers in session.

I have learned a lot more about LR and its color management in the past couple of days so thanks again for all the input.
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